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1 May 2004:

Soapmill 0.15.2 has a drastically simplified and more standard installation procedure.

Soapmeter 0.5.2 goes with the new Soapmill.

Soapkit 0.11 now supports DOM 1.


Soapical aims to make software reusability and software interoperability too easy for excuses. Our approach is to facilitate the use of open standards like SOAP. Perhaps the following software will be of use:

  1. Soapmill - for building reusable software components
  2. Soapmeter - monitor the messages exchanged between two SOAP nodes
  3. Soapkit - a convenience library for working with XML and SOAP

Related Links

  1. MIAMM - a project which uses Soapical tools to build a multimodal dialogue system.
  2. Unannoy - a sister project. Soapical aims to help make software reusable, Unannoy aims to help make it usable in the first place.

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