XML and SOAP for the Lazy

The Soapkit library makes XML and SOAP more convenient for Java programmers.

You can see what it looks like by browsing our API (Javadoc), but better yet, why not try it out?

Namespace simplicity

Namespaces in SAX2 is a mess! Our NamespaceIron and FriendlyNamespaceSupport will let you glide through namespaces with ease.

Generate your XML with SAX

Anything beats hand-writing your XML. Give the SpecificXMLWriter a spin.

To SOAP and back

We also provide helper functions which convert to and from SOAPElement. You can use this to serialise to and deserialise from SAX, DOM or simple Strings.




CVS Access

This is if you want the cutting-edge (read: broken) stuff. If you want to improve the Soapkit, we would more than welcome your contribution. Send me an email (kow at loria point fr), and i will add you to the developer list.

  1. cvs login
    (no password, just hit enter)
  2. cvs -z3 co soapkit


The Soapkit comes with almost all the supporting libraries; the only thing you'll need is Java 1.4.1, and if you want to use the SOAP-specific stuff, a SAAJ implementation such as Apache's Axis.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

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