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The latest Soapmeter distribution online is Soapmeter 0.5.2. This version is a partial rewrite and vast improvement from its predecessor. It incorporates source code from Apache Axis's TcpMonitor for a better user interface and compatability across all SOAP implementations (we hope).

CVS Access

This is if you want the cutting-edge (read: broken) stuff. If you want to improve the Soapmeter, we would more than welcome your contribution. Send me an email (kow at loria point fr), and i will add you to the developer list.

  1. cvs login
    (no password, just hit enter)
  2. cvs -z3 co soapmeter

Alternate Distributions

You could visit our Sourceforge project page for older versions of the Soapmeter, or if you want zipfiles instead of tgz


The Soapmeter comes with almost all the supporting libraries; the only thing you'll need is Java 1.4.1. If you are using Windows, you'll also need to install Cygwin so that you can use our shell scripts.

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