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Getting Soapmill


The Soapmill comes with almost all the supporting libraries; the only thing you'll need is Java 1.4.1 and a servlet container like Jakarta Tomcat.

It has been tested on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.


Here are the Soapmill versions we have the most confidence about.

Related tools

Use the Soapmeter to debug your Soapmill software.

Alternate Means

CVS Access

If you want to improve the Soapmill, we would more than welcome your contribution. Send me an email (kow at loria point fr), and i will add you to the developer list.

  1. cvs login
    (no password, just hit enter)
  2. cvs -z3 co soapmill

Alternate Distributions

You could visit our Sourceforge project page for older versions of the Soapmill.


This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

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