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To do...

     Implement Soapmill

The promise of interoperability would be a lot more convincing if we could get the Soapmill implemented in other languages. See Implementing Soapmill for details.
C and C++ This is a good start, especially for natural language applications (because speech recognisers are often written in C).
Perl SOAP implementations like SOAP::Lite could make this really easy.
Exotic Languages Standards can give relatively exotic languages like Eiffel and Haskell room to flourish. These would benefit from a Soapmill implementation.

     Helper Tools

Benchmark tool We need some means of determining if our Soapmill implementations are fast enough.
Soaphub A simple means of broadcasting Soapmill messages.
SoapmillUnit A functional tester for Soapmill agents. Something which automatically sends test data and summarises their results.
Soapswitch Once Soaphub is complete, we should improve over it by only sending messages to interested parties.


Features which ought to be added to the Java (at least) and other implementations. See Implementing Soapmill for details.
SOAP Performance The Java implementation needs improved SOAP sending/receiving performance.
Unique Agent Names Soapmill messages should have unique names for each agent and message.
Subscription Lists Soapmill implementations should have some means of announcing what message types their agents are interested in receiving.

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