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Stops the Hurting

Soapmeter helps you to troubleshoot web services and other SOAP-based applications. It captures the messages exchanged between two SOAP nodes, and improves your understanding of this activity by creating a graphical representation of the XML content.

Below is an example of Soapmeter visualising a Discourse Representation Structure (DRS). These visualisations are customisable, as you can see on our screenshots page.

Soapmeter visualising a DRS

Complements the Soapmill

Soapmeter also helps you debug agents in the Soapmill architecture, as described on our special features page.


This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

Thanks to Simex Systems for letting us use their voltmeter gif as our icon.

The XML visualisation is provided by TAXI, The Adjustable XML edItor.

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